Rt. Hon. Michael Portillo to host 2014 NTDA Tyre Industry Awards


The NTDA is delighted to announce that the 2014 Tyre Industry Awards, which will take place on 8th October 2014 at the Hilton Manchester Deansgate, will be presented by Michael Portillo. The ever popular, former Enfield MP is now firmly established as a broadcaster and political commentator. Alongside television series on Spain, rail travel around the UK and Europe, and the natural world, he shares the sofa on This Week and weighs up ethical dilemmas on The Moral Maze.

Michael Portillo began his career in the Conservative Party research department, developing policies for reducing the role of the state. He then became an advisor to the Secretary of State for Energy, working on privatisation schemes in oil, gas, electricity and coal. Portillo won a parliamentary seat in the 1984 General Election, and was soon appointed a Government Whip and then Under-Secretary at the Department of Health & Social Security. In turn he was promoted to Minister of State for Transport then Local Government, where he oversaw the abolition of the poll tax.

He entered Cabinet as Chief Secretary to the Treasury, controlling public spending and managing departmental allocations. He became Employment Secretary two years later, and finally took over at Defence – with a budget of £22bn. Often considered the greatest leader the Conservative Party never had.

NTDA Director Stefan Hay said: Michael Portillo is an outstanding speaker and presenter. With his sharp wit, eloquently presented repertoire and great sense of humour he will, undoubtedly, add style and gravitas to this already prestigious event”.