A fifth of drivers in the UK have fitted part-worn tyres to their cars in a bid to save money.

A recent survey by NTDA member Kwik Fit has found 22% of drivers admit to choosing second-hand, part worn tyres rather than new tyres, with 9% saying they have done so in the past 12 months.

The survey also found that 17% of drivers would consider repeating their decision to choose part-worn tyres, with many more saying they would choose new tyres in the future to avoid problems associated with secondhand tyres.

The number one problem found with part-worn tyres is them failing due to damage that was already present when the tyres were fitted to the new user’s car. Second place in the list of complaints with part-worn tyres is a loss of grip or control due to the tyres’ poor quality, with many drivers reporting they have been involved in a collision due to lack of grip. Third place goes to MOT failure.

It can be a false economy to fit part-worn tyres that fail and MoT as you then have to replace the cheap second-hand tyres with new ones.

Roger Griggs, of Kwik Fit who carried out the survey, said: “This research highlights the problems that British drivers have experienced with part worn tyres. Many of the second hand tyres sold in the UK are brought in from Europe by the container-load, having been taken off cars across the Channel. Motorists considering a part worn tyre should perhaps ask why a tyre that is no longer good enough for a Dutch, German or Danish driver would be good enough for them.

“We recognise that drivers are keen to keep their motoring costs low, and we work hard to provide products and services to help them do that. There comes a point where cutting costs can compromise safety and this is especially true with tyres. After all, these are the only thing connecting a car with the road, so we urge drivers to consider whether they really need to opt for the unknown quality of second-hand tyres.”