NTDA responds to Chancellor’s budget announcement on changes to MOT

Chancellor George Osborne has announced, today, that the Government is exploring the options for requiring motorists with new cars to undergo the first MOT after 4 years rather than the current 3. Mr Osborne stated that these proposed changes are part of the Government’s forthcoming Motoring Service Strategy.

NTDA Director, Stefan Hay said: “We believe that this proposal is flawed and the NTDA intends, via the consultation process, both on behalf of our MOT Testing Centre members and in conjunction with other trade body members of the MOT Forum, to challenge the proposal on the grounds of road safety”.

The NTDA has been campaigning for years for existing regulations regarding tyre tread depth, condition of tyres and other legal requirements to be enforced, properly, by the relevant Government agencies and departments and sees this move as a retro step in improving the safety of Britain’s motorists.

Stefan Hay continued: “Although the status quo would be preferable, we have a genuine concern that as the Chancellor has announced this in the budget today, it is unlikely that we will be able to prevent it altogether. However, there is an argument for looking at other methods such as basing the MOT on mileage, rather than age and we welcome the opportunity to present alternative solutions”.