NTDA position statement on side wall drilling

Following its Executive Council meeting held on the 9th November 2016, the NTDA Executive Officers have formally agreed the following position statement:

“The NTDA advocates the drilling of side walls or the cutting of beads on tyres that have been removed from a vehicle and which the tyre technician / tyre retailer considers end of life as such actions represent an effective approach to ensuring such tyres are permanently removed from the part worn tyre marketplace. Furthermore, the NTDA acknowledges, that based on the individual business decisions of individual members, such actions have become standard practice and are now encouraged throughout our membership on the grounds of improved road safety.”

This announcement follows the NTDA Chief Executive’s recent call for a total ban on the sale of part worn tyres in the UK due to high levels of non-compliance, the current lack of enforcement or an appropriate audit scheme for part worn retailers and the appalling levels of unsafe tyres available to motorists.

Commenting on the statement Stefan Hay said: “Our members are tyre specialists, they replace millions of tyres every year and many have been damaging the end of life tyres they are removing from vehicles beyond repair for some time because they know, as experts, that those tyres do not belong back in the marketplace.

It has become clear, that this is now standard practice and the Association must stand by its members and formally support them in their efforts to remove these dangerous tyres from sale, I am therefore delighted, as are many members, that the Executive Officers have agreed this statement.”

The NTDA is now urging other professional tyre retailers who feel strongly about the dangers of part worn tyres to join the NTDA and work with the Association to campaign for a ban on the sale of part worn tyres in the UK.