Benefits of Membership

We are constantly adding new member services and benefits designed to add tangible value to our members. Below is an overview of what is currently included in the annual membership subscription.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Service

The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Service is managed for the NTDA by the National Conciliation Service (NCS), to primarily help resolve tyre and associated automotive aftercare related disputes between NTDA members and their customers which cannot be quickly settled during the initial discussions between the two parties.

Established in 1964, the NCS is the ADR scheme provider for the retail motor industry. The NCS is accredited by the Chartered Trading Standards Institution (CTSI) under the Consumer Disputes (Competent Authorities and Information) Regulations 2015. In July 2015, the NCS received accreditation in compliance for the Consumer Disputes (Competent Authorities and Information) Regulations 2015, and EU Directive (2013/11/EU) regarding alternative dispute resolution.

The NCS:

  • is an independent service.
  • is free for consumers to use.
  • offers advice, mediation, and arbitration or, exceptionally, adjudication.
  • accepts complaints between UK & EU residents and subscribers to the NCS.

NTDA members benefit from the scheme in that they can direct customers, with whom they may be in conflict, to the NCS who will provide independent resolution and arbitration.

Business Updates Bulletin

The NTDA Business Updates Bulletin is a regular members only monthly publication produced and distributed by the NTDA covering many common business issues. Such as Asset Finance, Business Rates, Cyber Security, Employment Law and Risk Management. Members also have access to the entire historical back catalogue of bulletins in the MEMBERS ONLY area of the NTDA website.


Alone and in partnership with other bodies such as the Automotive Aftermarket Liaison Group (AALG), National Highways, the Professional Recovery Operators Safety Executive (PROSE), UK AFCAR and many more, the NTDA runs campaigns to address members’ concerns in areas such as changes to the annual MOT, Part Worn Tyres, Roadside Working and Technician Safety. As part of these campaigns, from time to time, the Association produces free promotional materials such as the highly successful NTDA Members Don’t Sell Part Worn Tyres and Summer Tyre Checks poster and social media campaigns.

Corporate Workwear Discounts

The NTDA has negotiated an automatic 15% discount on all corporate workwear and a free left breast logo set up service for members at Stork Workwear. Stork is a Buckinghamshire based family run business which provides quality personalised workwear for everyone, whether you would like to promote your company, team, event or just have quality clothing at competitive pricing, Stork Workwear can help. NTDA members are issued with a discount code which can be used online at checkout and there are NO order limits.

Cyber Essentials

Like most industries, the UK tyre trade and associated aftermarket is under daily threat from a deluge of cyber-attacks. To alleviate the threat to members, the NTDA has developed a strategic partnership with IASME, designed to encourage members to take up Cyber Essentials certification.

The UK Government authority on Cyber Security is the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). The NCSC’s sole delivery partner for the Cyber Essentials scheme is IASME, and it does this by operating a network of over 340 ‘Certification Bodies’ across the UK, that are licensed, managed, and moderated by IASME to assess compliance with the scheme.

IASME was founded on the principle that basic cyber security is an essential requirement for all organisations and their supply chains.

Under the partnership, IASME:

  • Contributes to the NTDA’s Business Bulletin on a regular basis
  • Provides features for the NTDA UK Tyre & Automotive Aftermarket Directory
  • Provides introductory content for NTDA members and a logo for their websites which may be hyperlinked back to the IASME website
  • Provides remote and in person Cyber Essentials presentations by arrangement to the NTDA, its members and its partner trade bodies in the automotive sector
  • Provides a direct link via the NTDA Members’ Only section of the NTDA website to the ‘Cyber Essentials Readiness Tool’. This is a FREE to use, no obligation ‘gap analysis’ tool, designed to support businesses towards Cyber Essentials certification
  • Also provides a direct link to the Cyber Essentials knowledge Hub. This is a central source of trusted, up-to-date information about the Cyber Essentials scheme including latest updates, sector specific guidance and resources to help you through the certification process.

The NTDA also has a dedicated point of reference within IASME and the above is at no cost to the NTDA or our members, is not an exhaustive list, and IASME is always happy to discuss further options.

Employment Law, Personnel Issues and Health & Safety Advice

NTDA members benefit from a free professional 24 hour, 365 days a year advice line covering Employment Law, Personnel Issues and Health & Safety advice, which is provided by one of the UK’s leading employment law specialists Peninsula Business Services. All advice is given in line with current UK Employment and Health & Safety legislation, case law precedents and best practice. The advisors also have an extensive range of template letters to assist with the more routine circumstances and can assist in the creation of bespoke documentation to address specific or more complex situations.

The NTDA also provides all members with a Health and Safety Manual (electronic) when they join the Association.


The NTDA runs several industry networking events such as the Tyre Industry Golf Day, Tyre Industry Conference, NTDA Annual Dinner & Tyre Industry Awards Ceremony and the NTDA Northern Ireland Dinner & NTDA NI Tyre Industry Awards. Member attendance at some events, such as the Tyre Industry Conference, is free. Other events, such as the Annual Dinner & Tyre Industry Awards, are heavily discounted to members. There is a significant additional cost to non-members for all NTDA events.

Fuel Card Services

The NTDA has an agreement with Fuel Card Services, which is one of the UK’s largest independent fuel card providers and looks after more than 50,000 business customers and their business fuel payments.

NTDA members can now benefit from fuel cards for just £3+VAT with cards being valid at BP, Esso, Shell, Texaco, motorway services, supermarkets, independent retailers, and diesel networks.

Other benefits of working with Fuel Card Services include:

  • Reduced fuel costs – discounted fuel prices, saving members up to £.5p per litre on the national average pump price and up to £.10p per litre on motorway prices
  • Improved security – it’s a cash free system and helps prevent fuel fraud with cards linked to specific vehicles and drivers and restrictions on the products that can be purchased
  • Less administration – HMRC compliant invoices so no need to keep fuel receipts
  • Dedicated account manager – a fuel card expert who takes the time to get to know your business and helps you get the most out of your card
  • Up to 10% off Telegence telematics sim-based products
  • Discounts on mileage count – NTDA members can automate their mileage count for a reduced rate of just £4.50 per driver
  • Online management – 24/7 access to My Fleet Hub where members can manage their fuel cards, run reports, view transactions and invoices
  • PLUS: NEW EV CARDS – helping members save as they move towards electric powered fleets

The member’s Fuel Card Services landing page can be accessed via the NTDA Members Only Helplines and Support Services Section of the NTDA website.

Historical Archive

In 2023 the NTDA launched a historical archive on its website which is available to members only. This archive complements the existing Members Only Technical Service Bulletin section. The archive will eventually feature the entire historical archive of the Association dating back to 1930, including bulletins, newsletters, tyre safety campaign collateral, research documents, annual dinner and conference programmes, photos and much, more.


The NTDA’s partnership with leading insurance broker Marsh Commercial provides members access to competitive insurance solutions to meet their specific tyre business requirements. Marsh has many years of extensive local and national tyre trade expertise and is a proud supporter of the REACT initiative, the TTPDS and tyre safety campaigns.

Along with arranging insurance, it can also help members to safeguard their business on a wider scale, protecting employees and helping mitigate any future risks.


The NTDA works closely with governments and devolved administrations in the UK to ensure that the views and concerns of its members are considered in the development of legislation, and in subsequent amendments and works to ensure that its members have an in-depth understanding of how legislative decisions affect their type of businesses.

A busy programme of engagement with Government departments and agencies is at the heart of the Association’s activities.

While lobbying Government to ensure that members do not face unreasonable burdens in a demanding commercial environment, the NTDA also undertakes educational programmes so that Government ministers and civil servants recognise the significance of the tyre trade and associated automotive aftercare market.

In recent years, the NTDA has, both alone and working in partnership with other trade bodies, consulted with and lobbied Government across a wide range of topics and proposed legislative changes, such as:

  • In the absence of effective enforcement of Regulation 7 of the Motor Vehicle Tyres (Safety) Regulations 1994, a ban on the sale of part worn tyres for cars and light vehicles – Outcome: ongoing
  • A ban on tyres over 10 years old for heavy vehicles such as buses and trucks in GB – Outcome: successful
  • A ban on tyres over 10 years old for heavy vehicles such as buses and trucks in Northern Ireland – Outcome: successful
  • Maintaining the frequency of the MoT at 3-1-1 in England Wales and Scotland – Outcome: successful
  • Scrap plans for further SMART motorways due to severe safety concerns for Commercial Tyre Technicians, Mobile Tyre Technicians and Recovery Operators working roadside in emergency situations – Outcome: successful
  • Permitting red flashing lamps for breakdown vehicles including those used by Commercial Tyre Technicians working across the Strategic Road Network in a tyre emergency response situation – Outcome: successful
  • Removal of Exemption T8: Mechanically treating end-of-life tyres – Outcome: successful

Member promotion

All NTDA members receive a free Head Office listing in the annual NTDA UK Tyre & Automotive Aftercare Directory, which is circulated hardcopy to circa 5,000 trade contacts, distributed at major trade shows such as Automechanika and is available, in electronic format, on the NTDA website. All Tyre Distributor members’ depots are also listed in the Depots by Town section. Also, all members are listed alphabetically on the NTDA website under their respective membership categories, with a hyperlink back to their own website or Facebook page.


On a monthly basis the NTDA also produces a newsletter for members, which promotes the work of the Association, key trade and member activity. This is circulated hardcopy, is available on the NTDA website and is also featured in leading trade publications such as Tyre Trade News, Tyres & Accessories and The Garage Magazine.


On an annual basis the NTDA carries out trade research and produces reports which are Free of charge to members. The latest; A PERFECT STORM – THE SKILLS AND LABOUR SHORTAGE FACING UK TYRE DISTRIBUTORS, is available Free to members both in hardcopy and in the Members Only section of the NTDA website.

Safe Tyre Centre Scheme

The NTDA also operates a Safe Tyre Centre Scheme which was introduced following the recommendations of the NTDA commissioned research and produced an insight report to look at tyre centre safety measure requirements post COVID-19.

Members who can demonstrate adherence to Health & Safety guidelines, the principles of good hygiene and cleanliness and can evidence that all staff have received the appropriate training and have been assessed as competent to carry out their role safely and professionally, can apply to use the NTDA Safe Tyre Centre emblem. A range of free emblem stickers are available to members who meet the above criteria.

Technical Service Bulletins

The NTDA Technical Service Bulletin is a members only monthly publication produced and distributed by the NTDA covering many common tyre, wheel and associated automotive aftermarket issues.  The bulletins provide practical guidance and advice and include valuable updates from leading OE tyre, equipment and vehicle manufacturers. Supplier members of the Association are also actively encouraged to work with our professional editor to produce content for the bulletins. Members also have access to the entire historical back catalogue of bulletins in the MEMBERS ONLY area of the NTDA website.


TyreLink is the name of the NTDA’s long-established tyre breakdown scheme, which coordinates NTDA members to offer a 24-hour roadside breakdown service for commercial vehicles throughout the UK.

TyreLink is operated by Infleet Ltd and uses a sophisticated and technologically advanced call handling and job allocation system. TyreLink is available to any haulage operator or logistics company through any full member of the NTDA participating in the scheme. The breakdowns are handled and allocated by the 2- hour call centre and the scheme is also fully administered by Infleet.

All calls are timed, dated and logged into the system as well as being voice recorded and jobs are allocated, automatically to the nearest NTDA member depot, depending on pre-arranged instructions regarding preferred partners. The scheme comes in very useful for timed delivery loads as TyreLink can estimate the likely duration of the delay.

Tyre Technician Professional Development Scheme

Although the NTDA does not offer direct training, it does, under the Tyre Technician Professional Development Scheme (TTPDS), have a network of approved training providers most of whom now deliver training that leads to one of the NTDA professional technician licences under the TTPDS.

A directory of NTDA Training Providers is available online and in hard copy from the NTDA.

This TTPDS, effectively, is intended to act as a form of self-regulation for the tyre retail industry and represents a very exciting opportunity for both employers and employees in that it improves the mobility of tyre technicians by providing them with a nationally recognised licence designed to demonstrate their competency.

The TTPDS is based on the following structure:

  • Licensed Retail Tyre Technician (LRTT)
  • Licensed Mobile Tyre Technician (LMTT)
  • Responsible Tyre Repair Technician (RTRT)
  • Licensed Vehicle Service Technician (LVST)
  • Licensed Commercial Tyre Technician (LCTT)
  • REACT Licence to Work Safely at the Roadside
  • Licensed Electric Vehicle Tyre Technician (LEVTT)

NTDA members benefit from a £5 discount on every licence application as they are not charged the additional administration fee.

Welcome Pack

On joining the NTDA all new members will receive a welcome pack containing a range of publications, guides, NTDA branded merchandise, signage and much more.