Employment Law, Personnel Issues and Health & Safety Advice

The NTDA recognises that many of its members face a range of complex employee related issues on a daily basis.

NTDA members benefit from a Free professional 24 hour, 365 days a year advice line covering Employment Law, Personnel Issues and Health & Safety advice, which is provided by one of the UK’s leading employment law specialists Peninsula Business Services.

Advice is provided to NTDA members holding a current and valid membership subscription, who will be issued with a password by the NTDA.

All advice is given in line with current UK Employment and Health & Safety legislation, case law precedents and best practice.

The advisors also have an extensive range of template letters to assist with the more routine circumstances and can assist in the creation pf bespoke documentation to address specific or more complex situations.

The NTDA also provides all members with a Health and Safety Manual (electronic) when they join the Association.