Lobbying and Representation

The NTDA works closely with governments and devolved administrations in the UK to ensure that the views and concerns of its members are taken into account in the development of legislation, and in subsequent amendments and works to ensure that its members have an in-depth understanding of how legislative decisions affect their type of businesses. 

A busy programme of engagement with Government departments and agencies is at the heart of the Association’s activities.

While lobbying Government to ensure that members do not face unreasonable burdens in a demanding commercial environment, the NTDA also undertakes educational programmes so that Government ministers and civil servants recognise the significance of the tyre trade and associated automotive aftercare market.

In recent years, the NTDA has, both in its own right and working in partnership with other trade bodies, consulted with and lobbied Government across a wide range of topics and proposed legislative changes, such as:

  • In the absence of effective enforcement of Regulation 7 of the Motor Vehicle Tyres (Safety) Regulations 1994, a ban on the sale of part worn tyres for cars and light vehicles – Outcome: ongoing
  • A ban on tyres over 10 years old for heavy vehicles such as buses and trucks in GB – Outcome: successful
  • A ban on tyres over 10 years old for heavy vehicles such as buses and trucks in Northern Ireland – Outcome: successful
  • Maintaining the frequency of the MoT at 3-1-1 – Outcome: successful
  • Scrap plans for further SMART motorways due to severe safety concerns for Commercial Tyre Technicians, Mobile Tyre Technicians and Recovery Operators working roadside in emergency situations – Outcome: successful
  • Permitting red flashing lamps for breakdown vehicles including those used by Commercial Tyre Technicians working across the Strategic Road Network in a tyre emergency response situation – Outcome: successful
  • Removal of Exemption T8: Mechanically treating end-of-life tyres – Outcome: successful