REACT Licence

Roadside Emergency Action Concerning Technicians (REACT) – Licence to Work Safely at the Roadside

The safety of commercial tyre technicians working at the roadside has always been a cause for concern in the tyre industry; technicians can be called out at any hour, in all weather conditions, to work on a vehicle often mere yards away from speeding traffic. It is a sad fact that, every year, some technicians are seriously injured or killed while working at the roadside.

How did REACT come into being?

A number of professionals in the tyre industry; manufacturers, retailers offering roadside assistance and training providers, came together as the REACT Steering Group to launch a scheme to licence all tyre technicians working on commercial tyres at the roadside. The scheme has received the backing of National Highways as a positive step towards improved working safety.

Training and Monitoring of Roadside Tyre Technicians

REACT operates as a scheme within the NTDA. The scheme records and monitors the training of technicians working at the roadside throughout the UK attending truck tyre associated breakdowns on motorways, duel carriage ways and trunk roads.


REACT licences are available to all individual technicians operating within the sector irrespective of whether they work for members of the NTDA or not. In complying with data protection laws the NTDA is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all information provided by the scheme and will only provide personal details access to the individual technician.

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